About Me

Hello! I am Sara, I run SJWonderlandz from my home in New England. I do everything from product design, photography, managing this website, Instagram and of course packing and shipping your orders! (Although, I do have a LITTLE help as my 3-yo LOVES to place the labels on packages, so if you ever get one thats a bit askew, know she lovingly placed that "sticker" on for you!)

I love bright colors and things that make reality seem more whimsical than it is. I love to read and I love to create. I get very excited about holidays, holiday decor, theme parties, and decorating in general. I believe that every once in a while you need to relax with a cat on your lap, while reading your favorite book (let’s be honest, who only has one!?) with a plate of warm cookies fresh from the oven within reach and a big hot cup of cocoa! 

Thanks for stopping by and supporting my dream!